Massage & Body Work

Full Body Relaxation Massage
A luscious massage utilizing traditional Swedish massage.

I’ve had many massages by many massage therapists, but Ashley has the unique ability to intuit what both my mind and body need, as well as the honed skills to give both what they need.”


Sports & Deep Tissue Massage
Focus on deep tissue, Trigger point and various methodologies for injury prevention, recovery and to increase your level of performance.

I have been blessed to have been treated by Ashley since 2006 when sciatic nerve pain had me nearly on my knees. I have been wracked and twisted in a metal fabrication shop for twenty years and she has made me feel like I got them all back. Her treatment of my shoulder area before rotator-cuff surgery made my recovery pain free and short and completely restored my range of motion. She also can read my posture and mood at a glance, and knows when its time to work on my heart and soul along with the connective tissue. I would recommend her, without reservation, to anyone; I cannot say enough. I’ve never known a true healer, before Ashley. Now I know.”

~Gary; Metal fabricator/Sculptor


Ashley is a gifted, intuitive, skilled healer. I went to her initially because I was having problems with my feet, and no one (including physical therapists) could help me. I soon learned that is very knowledgeable about different healing modalities. The first time I went to see her, I told her my sad story about my sore feet and how it was getting more and more difficult for me to go on my daily walks. She listened attentively… over the next six months, she helped me walk freely again. She was even able to tell me what shoes to wear and once went to the shoe store with me to help me find the right shoes. Her background as a massage therapist and an EMT made her very knowledgeable…massage helps me wholistically — mentally, physically and spiritually. I highly recommend Ashley. Be clear about what you need. She is a good communicator.”


Guided Stretching Instruction
Teaching stretching and focused breathing exercises to align your body-mind connection to increase your flexibility, to decrease painful movement and improve posture.

Teaching focused breathing to reduce muscular and myofascial holding, bringing the body into a deeper relaxation. Breathwork can be applied to meditation, exercise or stress management.

Energy Work & Reiki
Displacement or blockage of Universal Energy can translate to illness, pain or injury in the body. By restoring the energy flow, the body can better heal the illness or injury.

Movement & Dance
Facilitating organic movement in the body to unwind unhealthy fascial and emotional patterns.

Holistic Nursing Care

Health & Wellness Plan Creation
We will establish: your health concerns, your current status involving your medical diagnosis, medications, current treatment plans, emotional and family support situation, work schedule, diet, other contributing factors. Then, we work together to develop a plan that encompasses your personal and cultural needs. Follow up visits provide supportive evaluation of the plans effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

Advocacy & Case Management
Navigating the health care system without a seasoned advocate at their side can leave you feeling unheard, unsupported or ill informed about your health plan and providers. As your advocate I can:

  • Accompany you to medical appointments.
  • Be a second set of ears.
  • Ensure you know what your choices are.
  • Support for your choices.
  • Be a clear informed voice with providers.
  • Support access to community resources.

Difficult Conversations
Sometimes the most difficult conversations are with our own family. I can be a mediator and third party to assist with difficult family conversations to best support a shared understanding of facts and plans moving forward to support your needs. Like requesting extra support, housing changes, or end-of-life choices.

A Sacred Space: Energetic & Spiritual Clearing

We often overlook the effect our home and workspace can have on us. Negative energy and previous intentions left in a space can make us physically ill, emotionally drained, restless, uncomfortable, and unproductive. As an energy intuitive and seer, I can evaluate a space and tell you what possible negative and positive influences are present.

Clearing negativity is done with a combination of smudging or sageing, Feng Shui evaluation, divination, and other methods.  We also set a new intention for your space to support your purpose there. Once the clearing has been done, you will notice a more relaxed environment that better supports your needs.

Ashley has many skills that have been used throughout the ages to help create a healthy home and hearth. And along with her own unique intuitive twist the house clearing she offered was a powerful experience. She helped us mark moving into a new home with a ritual and used tools to clear out “the old” and “welcome in the new”. I was able to set intention for this home and have it reinforced with her help. It is hugely beneficial. The house feels wonderful. And I especially loved that Ashley incorporated my children into the ritual. Teaching them tools for making a home a space for support, growth, creativity and learning.”

~Jenny Macke
 Dance facilitator

Ceremonial Officiate: Rites of Passage Facilitation

People are again honoring life changing events as part of their emotional and spiritual growth. I feel that by honoring these transitions we allow ourselves to have closure on the past and step into the next stage of life fully present. I am a legally Ordained Priestess and can perform a legal ceremony. Holding space as Clergy, I work with you to plan and carry out a Rite of Passage that best supports the needs to transition Body, Mind and Spirit to the next stage of life.

Marriage • Divorce • Birth • Death

Beginning Menstruation • Menopause  • Pregnancy • Adolescents •  Croneing

Maidenhood • Motherhood •  Manhood • Vision Quest Return

There was no one we even considered for our Hand-fasting, other than Ashley, who not only was our Spiritual Counselor, but a friend as well. She was warm, encouraging and supportive of every idea we had about what we wanted, and she offered great advice on how it could be better. She turned a beautiful ceremony into a wondrous, magical and wholly spiritual experience. Even our non-pagan friends remarked on how it was the most beautiful and fascinating wedding they had ever been to. Kyle and I are extremely grateful to Ashley for making our Hand-fasting bond into a memory that will forever be cherished and never forgotten.”

Blessed be,


Death Midwifery Model of Care

Death Midwifery, like Birth Midwifery, is grounded in the belief that death and birth are natural parts of the human life cycle and are not necessarily a medical condition. The midwifery model seeks to normalize the stages of the process, bringing in a support network, education, providing options and planning for the natural outcome. It seeks to improve quality of life during the process and then provide a home-based intimate resolve with as few advanced medical interventions as possible.

Death Midwife
A Death Midwife is a trained professional with expertise and skills in supporting the dying person and their support network of family, loved ones and friends, to maintain the highest quality of life during the end-of-life process. Death Midwives provide the dying person with individualized care uniquely suited to their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs. They are a medical supportive companion and guide to assist the dying person toward a more conscious dying experience.  A Death Midwife usually offers a variety of options and seeks to minimize unnecessary interventions at the end of life. 

“A Death Midwife is a person who is trained and experienced in death who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the dying person and their support network before, during and just after death.” 

How can I help?
I hope to assist you in making plans early in your life for what you would like done as you come to your end-of-life. I can help you write up those plans, get organized, have the conversation with your family and support network, connect you with resources you may need along your journey and be there to support you and your loved ones in the dying process and into the final resting of your body and into the healing process of the ones left behind.

Services can be stand alone or grouped as needed:

  • Completing Advance Directives
  • Writing a Death Plan
  • Setting a Sacred Space for Dying
  • Energetic clearing of the space after the removal of the deceased
  • Blessing services or ceremony at home, funeral home, cremation facility, grave side or other location

Writing a Death Plan
I will provide a rich conversation with tools for you to write a Death Plan for yourself or for your loved ones. A Death Plan fills in the gaps of information not covered by a living will, last will and testament, Advance Care Directive or funeral plan. It is designed to tie those plans together in a cohesive way for families and loved ones to follow with ease.

Setting Sacred Space
During this vulnerable and highly emotional time, it is very helpful to create as many support measures around you as possible. One way to do this is to clear the space where the dying person is going to be of any negative energy or previous intentions so that a more open and calmer environment can help hold the tenderness of the dying process. Setting Sacred Space is to make a place Sacred or Holy with our intentions. We call in the Sacred into the space and ask for assistance in the supporting the dying process and to help support the network of family and friends as they work through the beginnings of their grieving cycle. It is also to create a feeling of expressed spirituality along with some physical form that is appropriate for the wishes of the client.

Blessing & Prayer Services
As Clergy, I can offer pre-death, post-death blessings and prayer services that are co-created with you and your family to best support the spiritual process of death and grieving. These services can be performed at bedside, at residential, medical, funeral or cremation facilities or at other locations as desired.