Green Practices

I strongly believe that we can make difference in the deterioration of our sacred planet if we make small conscious choices about the things we do in our ordinary daily practices. I totally support the environmental movement and community centered business practices. I strongly believe  in leaving this planet in better shape than I found it in my lifetime, a gift and a practice I leave to my children and their children. Here are a few of the practices I do to support our beautiful planet:

I support the Move Towards Zero Waste Program. We recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, steel, glass, cardboard, and everything else that we can find a provider to take.  We happily participate in the Food Plus Composting program.

Here are a few of the environmentally conscious actions I take to reduce my “carbon footprint.”

  • Use 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper, file folders and envelopes.
  • Reuse junk mail with clean side as copy paper for the office.
  • Make note pads out of reused scrap paper.
  • Reuse inkjet cartridges until they don’t work and then recycle them.
  • I compost and recycle everything.
  • I used no-VOC interior paint bought locally at Hardware Sales for my office.
  • I make my candles out of recycled wax.
  • I use biodegradable environmentally sound laundry detergent to wash the office linens in a maximum capacity front load energy star washer and dryer. 
  • Vinegar and Dr. Brommers biodegradable soap are used for all cleaning purposes.
  • Take my own coffee mug to buy local coffee from another environmentally conscious business.
  • Use other Sustainable Connections businesses whenever I can.
  • Buy all my products from local merchant’s using my own shopping bags.