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Benem’s Body Works is proud to announce our new name: Holistic Health Transitions

What & Why…

Holistic Health Transitions is the private practice of Ashley T. Benem RN, LMT. I offer holistic health support along the full continuum of life and into death. I provide consultation and care plan creation, private nursing care, advocacy support, massage and bodywork, as well as a full line of services for Death Midwifery care.

The current American healthcare system is some specialized and complex that it leaves many people feeling frustrated, ignored, unheard, misinformed and poorly prepared for our health and wellness journey. We desperately need an ally and advocate to help navigate this system, as well as to keep a larger, more inclusive view of our whole self in relation with our personal world. As an experienced guide, I can assist you in your transition into a more holistic expression of life, unique to you. Give me a call to see how I might be able to help…

I love supporting people to fully participate with body, mind and spirit in a life of wellness
through sacred connection with Nature.