Welcome Page

 I love working with people who are living intentionally but who are struggling with wellness in either body, mind, or spirit issues manifesting in the body. It’s about supporting people to fully participate with body, mind and spirit in a life of wellness through sacred connection with Nature.

In a nut shell:  Body, Mind & Spirit Realigned with Nature.

Are you:

Someone who is motivated to make change

Open to new concepts

Feel frustrated or overwhelmed by wellness issues

Have a connection with Divine at some level already

Feel out of sync with the Natural world

Possibilities/maybe you’re:

Motivated but not properly tooled or informed

Seeking better understanding and connection to body, mind and spirit

Willing to work for it

My goal is to help you get informed, properly tooled and reconnected.

My name is Ashley Tula Benem, as a massage therapist, mystic healer, teacher, clergy and wellness coach I offer a safe container in a warm inviting space where you can truly be heard. I offer practically applied techniques and homework to guide you on your path to wellness.

Point of View

We have lived in a world of instant gratification and ease but the true destination of personal wellness is only reached by going one step at a time and knowing the path is different for every person. The key is to have as many tools in your toolkit as possible so that you are able to work on different issues as they arise in your life. Being willing to work on your emotional attachments to issues is as essential as an open mind.

Wellness is a path that has no destination. The number of steps is impossible to say. We keep moving forward enjoying the riches of the journey as we go.

People become disconnected from their external environment, which is a model for their internal world. When they disconnect for the outside, they disconnect from the inside and that leaves them functioning like a hollow shell. Nature is the true source of our energy body and if we disconnect from it we starve.


It’s about helping people find their way back to their own fullness of being. The more whole people there are out there the better the world will be for all of us. It’s about building a world full of personal integrity, diversity without fear and realigning the human animal back into a healthy interconnection with nature.

People elevating their consciousness and awareness to allow them to fully participate in a human experience that is completely sustainable and symbiotic with the planet and all her species is the goal.

A bit about me

My wide swath of training and experience allows me to resource from a diverse set of tools/skills and provide honest incites for forward movement on your path to wellness. 

Early in my life journey I had struggled with weight, fitness, emotional upheaval and spiritual disconnect.  I was told by my culture and family that I was not good enough for: men, the job market, the world and for God. I had to overcome those things to be a grounded, engaging, funny, healer.  I trust my inherited gifts as a Seer, I practice what I preach, I live in my body, I listen and come from a place of the highest integrity.

My early training in Emergency Medical Services as a Paramedic gave me one end of the spectrum, while my licensure as a massage therapist and birth doula gave the other. I hold the middle with Shamanic studies, dance, permaculture design, gardening, sustainability, Naturalist study and through Wiccan initiation and certification as Clergy.

The Bonus

I didn’t realize that getting emotionally healthy was going to make me fit. It was a great payoff. I now see that healing has a snowball-of-bliss effect. The ease and harmony that is available once you start correcting some of the issues is amazing.  The divine bliss of being connected to nature reconnects you to yourself. We will experience it in increasing doses all the rest of our lives.

I think most people are going to eventually figure out that modern Western medicine will only get them so far and if they want to be whole-y well, then they are going to be returning to the Healers/Witch Doctors for the real healing strategies for a Whole life.

The List:

  • Triggerpoint Therapy
  • Tragger
  • Reflexology
  • Craniosacral
  • Sound healing
  • Sports massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Chi Nei Tsang
  • Abdominal work
  • Reiki
  • Energy work
  • Stretching
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Toning
  • Qi Qong
  • Relaxation
  • …and more


Payment and Insurance

I am a preferred provider for most health insurance plans including; Regence, Blue Cross, Premera, Eatna, Community Health Plan, Cigna and First Choice Network and more. I accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and checks

Professional Affiliations

member-of-sustainable-connectionsI am a Member of the following organizations:

  • Bellingham’s Sustainable Connections
  • American Massage Therapy Association, AMTA
  • Massage Emergency Response Team, MERT
  • National Certification in Treatment Massage and Bodywork, NCTMB